Leslie Saxon, MD, executive director, USC Center for Body Computing, discusses disruptive healthcare tech innovations at CES Digital Health Summit

Date: Jan 1, 2020
Category: Press Release

Healthcare technology is a rapidly changing field, but which innovations will truly disrupt diagnosis and care delivery as we know it? And how will our country’s heavily regulated approach to healthcare innovation adapt to these changes?

Leslie Saxon, MD, executive director of the internationally acclaimed USC Center for Body Computing (CBC), will address these topics and more today during a CES 2020 Digital Health Summit panel entitled, “Proving the Impact of Transformative Technology.” Dr. Saxon is a board-certified cardiologist and digital health expert who understands how developing technologies can more accurately assess wellness and human performance among elite athletes, military personnel and patients.

Dr. Saxon envisions digitally enabled healthcare as LIFECARE, a system wherein healthcare consumers are continuously monitored with sensors, software and services that can pinpoint digital biomarkers (earlier warning signs that predict health events). This is a vast contrast to the point-of-care model of healthcare delivery and opens up a breadth of research and treatment opportunities, as well as regulatory and security challenges.

Dr. Saxon is available for interviews regarding digital health trends and challenges. She is also one of two panelists speaking at the “Proving the Impact of Transformative Technology” at CES 2020 Digital Health Summit, Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 1 p.m. PT