California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz)

California and Cyber-Health Security

Similar to the Marvel movies who gather superheroes to fight evil forces, the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) tapped Dr. Leslie Saxon and the USC Center for Body Computing to head up a group of California’s leading health IT experts to lead the nation when it comes to securing the safety of personal health data from wearable and implantable technology.

The new Cyber-Health Information Technology Advisory Board is part of an ongoing effort to support cybersecurity innovation and bolster advanced technology industries. The advisory board will work to help further identify, define and communicate the cyber risks versus benefits associated with health IT solutions.  The board will also identify existing collaborative processes that can help enhance the overall cybersecurity position for healthcare technology, before developing pilot projects to address gaps and test solutions.

California is the epicenter of the nation’s digital health entrepreneurs and innovators. Cybersecurity is a critical core component of this fast-paced growth industry but with progress we need protection. The advisory board will help put in place those protections to ensure personal health data is secure and safe.

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California’s Cyber-Health IT Advisory Board Members

Leslie saxon headshot

Leslie Saxon, M.D.

Chair of Advisory Board

Chris tyberg headshot

Chris Tyberg

Division P, Information Securiy Abbott Medical Devices

Amy tong headshot

Amy Tong

Direct and State CIO
California Dpt. of Technology

Darin anderson headshot

Darin Anderson, MBA

Co-chair of Economic Development Subcommittee for Cybersecurity Task Force
California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

Bill britton headshot

Bill Britton

VP of Information Tech & CIO
Polytecnic State University

Wainwright fishburn headshot

Wainwright Fishburn

Global Head,Digital Health
Cooley LLP

John mattison headshot

John Mattison, M.D.

Chief Medical Informations Officer
Kaiser Permanente, SCA

Andrew thompson headshot

Andrew Thompson

Proteus Digital Health