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Digital Military Human Health Performance Research

We have developed a digital methodology for accurately collecting holistic health measures from active-duty service members on land and in water, using digital tools including custom built software and body worn sensors.

The ability to engage and measure a service member using a smartphone and sensors provides the opportunity to deliver information education and insights in a continuous basis.

The data collected is more inclusive of the totality of mental and physical load experienced by the individual and therefore has the potential to reflect overall health more accurately.

DOD Research

  • Comprehensive and Continuous Status Measurement of Pre- and Post-Deployment Warfighters With Mobile Application. Read More
  • Understanding and optimizing warfighter Brain Health Across Services Careers Using a Digital Health Platform

USC’s Sports & Military Performance Institute

The Sports and Military Performance Institute is a collaborative effort between the USC CBC and the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. It is a performance research laboratory dedicated to developing state-of-the-art military and athletic performance solutions which are at the intersection of sports, science, and health. The Institute establishes and standardizes body worn wearables and minimally invasive implantable sensors and software-based training tools/procedures that enhance physical and mental performance, resilience and overall health awareness. Our unique integration of medicine, technology and elite athletic training enables us to expand the maximum performance potential of warfighters, veterans and athletes while also propelling them to reach their peak physical and mental capabilities. 

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