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Turning Insights Into Actions

In the worlds of professional sports and military operations, performance is everything. Beyond clinical research to address medical and health needs, the USC CBC also specializes in short-term performance studies to measure and assess human function and resiliency in athletes and war-fighters.

These studies typically analyze teams of 10-50 subjects and incorporate the use of body worn sensors to provide critical biometric data such as heart and respiratory rates. The research includes subjective measures and tests physical and mental tasks before and after an intervention (such as listening to music or playing video games) on subsequent performance. This valuable data informs and optimizes cognitive readiness and resilience whether on the playing field or on the battlefield

The vigorous studies are conducted over 1-3 days and are designed, organized and staffed by USC CBC researchers and our coterie of experts. Results provide the insights needed to create novel solutions that enhance performance by identifying and cultivating the strength of mind and the power of body.

These type of studies can make all the difference between multi-million dollar pro athlete contracts and game day performance as well as life and death scenarios our brave military face every day when deployed.

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USC’s Sports & Military Performance Institute

The Sports and Military Performance Institute is a collaborative effort between the USC CBC and the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. It is a performance research laboratory dedicated to developing state-of-the-art military and athletic performance solutions which are at the intersection of sports, science, and health. The Institute establishes and standardizes body worn wearables and minimally invasive implantable sensors and software-based training tools/procedures that enhance physical and mental performance, resilience and overall health awareness. Our unique integration of medicine, technology and elite athletic training enables us to expand the maximum performance potential of warfighters, veterans and athletes while also propelling them to reach their peak physical and mental capabilities. 

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