Our Mission

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Our mission is to modernize health care and human performance through technology to make it more personal, affordable and accessible for all


The USC Center for Body Computing is a digital health research and innovation center that is creating technology-driven healthcare solutions for a modern age.  We sit at the center of groundbreaking technology invention, clinical research and real world patient care.  We see a not too distant future where technology can help enable both continuous measurement and continuous care for patients.  We are passionate about using tomorrow’s inventions to solve today’s healthcare problems.

The USC CBC was founded in 2006 at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.  We test, validate and develop technology to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to a broader population. The results are personalized and continuous care models, reimagined training techniques through evidence-based application of biometric data, and improved health information safety and efficacy.

Work with us to see how together we can accelerate our mission to use technology to make healthcare more personal, affordable, and accessible for all.