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With a mission to modernize health care and human performance through technology to make it more personal, affordable and accessible for allthe USC Center for Body Computing was founded in 2006 as one of the nation’s first academically-based digital health research and innovation centers. The USC CBC functions as a transdisciplinary brain trust and innovation center within the Institute for Creative Technology. By leveraging digital technology to provide personal and continuous care, the USC CBC conducts clinical research to establish safety and efficacy of these emerging technologies.

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“At a checkup with my cardiologist, I got a crash course on how to stay alive”


USC Virtual Body Conference 2021 

In 2021, digitally-enabled healthcare has experienced unprecedented acceleration. From continuous health monitoring of warfighters, athletes, and civilians to AI-enabled predictive models that are mining large datasets for medical discovery, healthcare is experiencing a transformative moment that has series of implications inside and outside the hospital. We are now seeing those predictions realized as more and more digital solutions become sensitive to the needs of the user within and outside of brick-and-mortar human performance or healthcare facilities.

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