What Does It Take To Be a Recon Marine? New Research Aggregates Predictors of Failure and Success

Date: Nov 1, 2021
Category: News

Reconnaissance Marine training is deliberately difficult.  About 25-40% of entering services members voluntarily withdraw within the first month. While some characteristics of attrition have been identified, there is still a lack of understanding related to an individual’s profile that is more apt to complete Recon training. Researchers from the USC Center for Body Computing and the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, Army Research Laboratory West set out to fill those gaps and joined efforts in analyzing data to determine predictors of failure and success.

In order to obtain a more complete understanding and to define a profile of a trainee likely to be successful entering Reconnaissance training, the team analyzed data related to prior life experience, self-identified personality characteristics and motivations, athletic experience, military recruitment history and other military experience, as well as physical performance metrics obtained within the Reconnaissance Training Company training itself.

“We sought to identify predictors of failure and success as part of our dedication to performing the foundational research that demonstrates benefit from health and human performance solutions for the military,” states Dr. Leslie Saxon, Executive Director and Founder, for the USC Center for Body Computing. “This study has significant implications for military recruitment and training, and we hope that it will advance novel ways to recruit and retain for the U.S. Military.”

Retrospective survey data was…

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